leap of faith

Do You Fear Success?

More often than not, the fear of failure is discussed to a greater degree than the fear of success because many cannot fathom why anyone would fear the perceived good and better option. Success can mean more accountability, responsibility, and even more opportunities to fail; success can change, alter, and/or destroy relationships. Success can change,…

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product creation lifespan

Why Product Creation?

It may seem a silly question, but if the answer were so obvious, why aren’t people that are acting as affiliate marketers become product creators themselves? One major reason is that the life cycle of a product can be short-lived; the hype builds up over a few days or weeks, even months, and then when…

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It’s been awhile since I have posted a blog entry here, and I know that is not conducive to grooming relationships and networking; the thing is, I got so distracted with life and creating my own product that I did not make the time to post on my blog. I have a new resolve to…

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mind maps

My Mind Map Progress

As someone who suffers from ADHD, organization always appeals to me; anytime I can systematize my workflow, I am happy and can be more productive. Mind maps are awesome to me; they are like creating an outline for a paper (something I always loved to do in school) and allow me to visualize my product.…

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What Action Did You Take?

A common question in the IM community is “what action did you take” because half of the problem is that we read, watch, learn, buy, and do every passive action except the action that matters: doing something. You can jump from blog to blog and read helpful posts, purchase and read the latest trending courses…

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Under Construction

Product Creation: Work in Progress

This week we were to come up with our product name, register a domain, and set up the graphics. I thought of a product name already and registered the website with success. It is now under construction. My product creation process is still in the planning phase though; it is a work in progress…progressing well.…

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Game Plan

Do You Have a Game Plan?

Have you set goals for yourself without developing a game plan? Has that worked out for you? Do you find yourself aimlessly reaching for a foothold to your ambitions? I love organization though at times I operate with an organized chaos; I am all over the place and only I can make sense of the…

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Success Plan

Project Creation Journey Update

For those of you following along or riding along beside me in my product creation journey, I made a commitment to myself to create my first product for e-delivery. I have started courses to guide me through the process from start to finish. For weeks, though, it was something that was going to happen, and…

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Niche Setup

Niche Site Setup [Part: 1 of 5]

In order to cover the setup process, I am going to try to provide as much info as I can that may not be shown on the particular areas already. That is, a lot of plugins or applications have very helpful tutorials on how to do whatever task you are doing at that moment so…

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Partnership to Success

Partnership to Success: Weeks 8-10

So I am still in this Partnership to Success program and we have gone through week 10 now; week 11 will come this next week. I have been very bad about not posting to my blog and not networking with my peers. Truth be told, I just get in these times where I have a…

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